The easiest way to get friends together in real life or virtually. Howbout is a social planning app that lets you instantly find when you’re all free, easily organise plans and quickly manage your social life.

4.9 rating

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Plan it. Do it.

Social Plans

Quickly organise anything. Invite anyone on or off the app

Event Chats

Built-in chat for every plan

Instant Availability

Automatically find a date that works for everyone

Shared Calendars

Easily stay up-to-date. Full control over what’s shared

Howbout... drinks?

Organise any event in seconds, with everything in one place. Invite anyone – whether they have the app yet or not.

Howbout... the details?

Every plan has its own built-in chat - no need to create a new group chat for every event.

Howbout... next Saturday?

After-work drinks, weekend brunch or a holiday? Instantly find when works for everyone. Howbout securely connects to your calendars and automatically shows you the dates that everyone can make.

Howbout... date night?

Share calendars with your closest friends so you can put plans straight in their calendar. Merge your existing calendars with Howbout, no need to start from scratch.

Howbout... we meet here?

Drop a pin at the exact place to meet, such as a specific spot in a park or place near the restaurant.

Howbout... next month?

Your personal, social and work calendars all in one place. All your plans sync directly with your calendar, automatically.

Howbout... a group call?

Easily organise video and virtual plans using one-tap integration with Zoom, Houseparty, Hangouts, Skype and others.

It is really well designed! I couldn't believe how user-friendly it was! You must get this.
It’s so good. I used smart scheduling to find when my friends and I were free and it’s really helpful to have the details together with a chat. 5*s!
Helpful to have my calendar, events and a chat function all in once, rather than the constant flip between apps!