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I love you, let’s stalk each other <3

You have friends... then you have friends that you let follow your spam account.

You have friends... then you have friends whose locations you track 24/7.

You have friends... then you have friends who keep up with everything you do on Howbout.

Your life + your friends

Share your calendar

...and keep on top of all you do with friends


Find when you’re all free

...automatically or vote on when’s best with polls


Actually get together

…making plans with chats and the details together


Keep track of everything

…from binge watching a series to a big night out

Howbout... Howbout...

A calendar for friends

Texting “wyd” to your best friend and waiting to see if they’re free for a drink? So, the modern day equivalent of sending a carrier pigeon? 

Fuck that. 

Howbout’s the social calendar to share time with friends and actually get together.

Make plans together

Getting plans out the group chat is impossible.

Plan anything with anyone. Keep all the details together, see who’s in, make polls, share photos and videos... you’ve got it all for every plan.

Share your time

OUT: endless group chat back-and-forth to find when everyone’s free.
IN: an app that finds it for you.  

Instantly find when your friends are all free and make plans on the spot. Share your calendar, availability, or polls to easily find when works best.

Chat the details

Trying to hunt down the address for the bar you're supposed to be at in the group chat is annoying af, especially when you’re already running late.

A plan for every chat means you never lose that vital information. Thank us later <3

Little & big moments

We don’t care if it’s for your Disco Balls & Echo Falls Bday Party or your routine dental check-in, make it a moment with a countdown. 

Every plan on Howbout can become a countdown if you want (no shame, I had a hot dentist once too).

All your circles

We’re not here to write you a definition of what a close group of friends is. We're here to get them on Howbout so they never miss out on a meet-up again.

All your calendars, all your plans, all in one place.

Book restaurants

Browse and book thousands of restaurants that are available when your friends are with our official booking partner, OpenTable.

From smashing chips and guac on ‘Taco Tuesday’ to hungover debrief brunch on ‘WTF happened last night Wednesday’, get it booked with Howbout.

I love this app!!! the fact that it makes our invitations fun with gifs is a bonus. I love that we can invite eachother and watch the calender. This is how me and my girls schedule around our families, to make time for each other.
Charelle Brown
I just love this app!! It’s very usefull, and it helps you and your friends to plan small and big things. I use it everyday! 100 out of 100
Marie roer
It’s so difficult getting together with friends as an adult with busy lives this is an absolute god send! Great app

They’re your friend? Prove it.

4.76 / 5 rating