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How to make your 2024 resolutions a reality ✨

How to make your 2024 resolutions a reality ✨

It’s that time of the year when everyone’s asking you what your resolutions are, but you’re dreading they’ll end up like last year’s—forgotten about and washed away.

But there’s something in the air in 2024. Maybe this is your year to go hard in the paint and finally say you completed your resolutions…

Whether you’re looking for a better work-life balance, a new hobby, or a gym routine that actually works, Howbout has you covered so you can actually keep your resolutions all the way through till December (you’re welcome 😏). 

Spend more time with friends 👯‍♀️

If all you can remember from your 2023 is being stuck behind your desk, then this is the year you finally give yourself the break you deserve and sort out your work-life balance 😌 

With Howbout, you can actually get your plans out of the group chat so you can look back at 2024 as the year you actually did stuff outside the office  🎉

By sharing your calendar with friends, you can instantly see when everyone's available, saving you from checking 101 group chat messages.  

Already use Google Calendar or your phone’s calendar? No problem—you can share them directly in Howbout too, so no one misses any details 🙌

(actually) Commit to the gym 💪

“One more rep”. You might have a vague memory of those words from your last gym streak in January before you promptly quit. But this year, it’s time to change things and get yourself back to being active.

If you’re going to smash your goals at the gym this year, you’ll need two things: commitment and persistence. Thankfully, you can build a strong routine using Howbout’s recurring events, and event alerts to force you to commit and never skip a day.

Looking for a partner to hold you accountable? Rather than going solo and ending up where you were last Jan (punching the floor) and invite some gym buds to your routine (plus, you'll need a spotter anyway, might as well be your bestie)

Start a new hobby with friends 📸

Are you over wondering why you’re still sitting at home watching BBC's Pride and Prejudice series for the ninth time over instead of starting something cool? 

Welcome to 2024, where there’s a club for literally anything you could possibly be interested in, so you can leave bed-rotting to another day. Whether you’re a creative person, a book nerd, or a yoga student looking to take care of your mind, I promise you there are friends out there to join you at it. 

It’s time to stop waiting until ‘tomorrow’, make a group on Howbout and get the plans in the calendar!

Start your new year right with Howbout

Don’t let 2024 be another year of “ifs”, “buts”, and “maybes”. It’s time to turn “I’ll do it someday” into today. 

Howbout gives you all the tools you need to commit. Get started now and make 2024 a year to remember ✨

Emma Spicer

Emma Spicer

Emma is Howbout's digital marketing executive 💫 

She studied for a degree in Journalism and worked in social media and marketing before joining Howbout in September 2022. When she's not working, Emma loves reading 📚, hosting cheese and wine nights 🧀🍷 and talking about why The Apprentice is the cornerstone of British Television 📺

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