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Howbout just joined the Millions Club 🍾

Howbout just joined the Millions Club 🍾

We’ve got some HUGE news to share with you: Howbout has more than ONE MILLION USERS 🎉

Seeing Howbout hit a million users is SO exciting but for us, it shows just how many unforgettable moments with friends are being made from actually getting everyone together. 

From humble beginnings, Howbout was founded by three best mates from uni - Neil, Jake and Duncan - after getting frustrated with how much harder it was to organise plans with friends as ‘adults’. Life, people and calendars all got busier and “See you on Saturday” was replaced with “See you when I see you”. 

Neil, a corporate lawyer, Duncan, a Spacecraft Engineer and Jake, an Investment Banker, all left their stable careers to start building V1 of Howbout full-time. After navigating a global lockdown just before the launch of a social planning  app (😅), Howbout went live in August 2020 with the goal to fix the planning process and get more plans made.

But we were hit with the realisation that our brand had focused on the wrong thing. It isn’t about the process and admin of planning; nobody is thinking about that, they just know it sucks. It’s about the unplanned moments that happen when plans actually happen. So our purpose evolved.

Our mission isn’t to help you organise your social life. It’s about helping you make more moments that turn into memories, and we’re stoked to see that over a million people are doing just that. 

Howbout’s more than a planner, calendar or group chat app: we’re all that in one and more. The social calendar app built to make plans with friends. We bring together everything you need to make plans that actually happen. Plan anything with anyone, whether it’s best mates or bigger friend groups, teams or family. Keep the details together and chat on every plan. Find when everyone’s free by sharing availability or full calendars. Or, if multiple times work, make a poll to vote on what’s best.

Flash forward to now, Howbout’s grown to a team of 11 (and we’re hiring!), is backed by incredible VCs and investors, has over one million users, 1000s of 5-star reviews and over 300k plans made every week 💅 

Here’s to making millions more moments happen 🥂

Emma Spicer

Emma Spicer

Emma is Howbout's digital marketing executive 💫 

She studied for a degree in Journalism and worked in social media and marketing before joining Howbout in September 2022. When she's not working, Emma loves reading 📚, hosting cheese and wine nights 🧀🍷 and talking about why The Apprentice is the cornerstone of British Television 📺

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