Howbout Moments

Howbout Wrapped is BACK ✨

All the best things defrost before Christmas Day… 

Mariah Carey making her annual appearance for the festive season. 

The turkey my weird Uncle bought in the Black Friday sales because he insists it’s cheaper than buying it fresh in December.  

And, maybe the most exciting of all, Howbout Wrapped! ❄️

That’s right dear readers, your 2023 Social Life Wrapped has been thawing out in the Howbout microwave and is finally here!

It’s almost time to see your entire social life wrapped, all in one place. All the stats on who your top friend of the year was, all the hours you waited for your favourite plans, all the times you flaked on your friends - it’s all there 😈

So, just like bingeing Doja Cat to save you from having Skrillex as your top artist, you have until December 3rd to binge-make plans with your besties to get them into your top friends. 

Because nothing says “I love you” (or “I have a hyperfixation with my best friend”) like sharing your Howbout Wrapped to prove you spent every day together in 2023 💋

Are you ready for your Howbout Wrapped 2023? ✨

Claudia Whyte

Claudia is Head of Marketing at Howbout. She worked in advertising before jumping across to startup life in NYC and now London.

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