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How to actually see all your friends over Christmas ❄️

You don’t need us to tell you that Christmas is just around the corner. You also probably don’t need us to tell you (or you just don’t want us to remind you) that Christmas is the busiest time of the entire year. 

Between organising presents, sending out cards, and putting up decorations, there’s one festive task that deserves an award for ‘most stressful’ - and that’s organising plans with friends. 

Trying to find that suggested date in the group chat can be near-impossible. But luckily for you, there is a solution to solve your group chat chaos. It’s time to stop helplessly searching through chats for the latest updates. See it as an early Christmas present 🫶

Get your Christmas plans sorted with Howbout ☃️

Howbout is the social calendar app to finally get your Christmas plans out of the group chat. By sharing your calendar with friends, you can easily see when everybody’s free, so you can fix a date and focus on the actual fun bits of the festive season 😌 

How can I share my availability with friends?

Sharing calendars with friends is easy. You can select what days you’re busy by using Howbout’s Blocked Time feature. Want to know what your friends are up to? See all of their events next to yours on your calendar! There’s also the option to import calendars from your phone to share with your friends via Howbout, saving you a ton of effort when sharing your time with friends 📲

Howbout automatically shares your availability with your friends, so you can see what days work at a glance 👀

How do I make a plan?

Groups are one of the easiest ways you can make Christmas plans with friends without the usual stress. Using groups, you can make plans quickly, check everyone’s calendars or availability, and create polls to make the planning process even more seamless.

You can add a plan at any time by tapping the teal plus icon (+). If you’re not sure whether you’re going or not, don’t worry, you have the option to RSVP as ‘Maybe’ until you can definitely lock the date in. One of the best features of Howbout is its instant availability traffic light system. This analyses your whole group’s schedules and instantly outputs a date that works, saving you the back and forth🏋️‍♀️

What else does Howbout offer?

If you’ve tried using group chats to organise Christmas plans, you already know that decision-making is not an easy task. With constant back-and-forth messaging, it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on, not to mention it’s outright exhausting 🥱

Polls are an easy alternative to arrange event details without any hassle. Whether you’re picking a place to eat or what movie you should go see, polls stop the group chat discussions from getting out of hand and disturbing your Christmas peace.

You can also use time polls if multiple times or dates work with your friend group. Don’t worry—you don’t need to manually set when you’re free, Howbout uses your calendar to help you find options for which dates work 📆

If your Christmas is looking crazy and you’re worried about forgetting a plan, you can set custom alerts to make sure you never miss an event. Extra excited about a plan? 🤩 You can look forward to that 'Santa-mental Christmas Party' or that  ‘Mistletoe and Martinis’ plan by adding countdowns directly to your Howbout’s homepage. 

Stop the stressing this Christmas and get to enjoying time with friends this festive season 🎄

Howbout is the easiest way to get your Christmas plans sorted, so you can relax and enjoy your time off without chasing people up. With features like calendar-sharing, instant availability, and polls, you’ll never be in the dark about what’s going on (unlike messy group chats). Free yourself from extra stress this Christmas and get Howbout to finally make your plans a reality.

Emma Spicer

Emma is Howbout's digital marketing executive 💫 

She studied for a degree in Journalism and worked in social media and marketing before joining Howbout in September 2022. When she's not working, Emma loves reading 📚, hosting cheese and wine nights 🧀🍷 and talking about why The Apprentice is the cornerstone of British Television 📺

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