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Howbout x OpenTable is here 🍽️✨

We’ve got some huge news that we’ve been *cooking* up at Howbout HQ that we know you’re all going to *eat* up. Booking dinner reservations on the app is about to get a whole lot *hotter* 🔥👩‍🍳

Introducing: Howbout x OpenTable ✨

You already know that Howbout’s the GOAT for planning all your social occasions. From weekly brunch debrief club to finally finding that date everyone is free for dinner with friends (be that with shared calendars, availability or polls), Howbout’s there to show everyone’s availability instantly and get you making more moments with friends. 

So we thought, what could we do to level up the game even more? Restaurant booking baby, that’s what. 

OpenTable is a total baddie in the restaurant booking game. Whether it’s your old favourite spot or that bar you’ve been dying to go to, there’s thousands of restaurants waiting for you. The only thing that could make it even better is if you could immediately see your friends’ availability coinciding with restaurant availability… oh wait. 

That’s our whole gig 😈

We’ve launched a partnership that’s on par with cereal & milk, mac & cheese, vanilla ice cream & soy sauce (according to social media 🤷‍♀️)... we’ve partnered with OpenTable.

Now, you’ll be able to find which restaurants have availability when your friends are free together on Howbout, and get it booked quicker than ever. 

Just make a plan and tap the “Book restaurant” button for a list of restaurants from our official booking partner, OpenTable. From impromptu drinks to big birthday dinners, Howbout x OpenTable gets your plans out of the group chat.

Pasta la vista, baby🍝

Emma Spicer

Emma is Howbout's digital marketing executive 💫 

She studied for a degree in Journalism and worked in social media and marketing before joining Howbout in September 2022. When she's not working, Emma loves reading 📚, hosting cheese and wine nights 🧀🍷 and talking about why The Apprentice is the cornerstone of British Television 📺

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